Variables in 201 9

Aeronautical Engineering Computer with Flight Probability Analysis

In 2019 the variables specific to this Peace Mission Concentric / Aircraft / Spacecraft are the spaces needed to house this unknown technology and the weight of that unknown technology between our wing-blades and frame. We will design new applications for known technology in an almost opposite alignment of the known technology used in our contemporary jet engines. This state of “Does not exist yet.” is not an obstacle. It is an inspiration to achieve this unknown technology with the help of “Student Power”. Think of clean electrical power with no carbon footprint. Getting this regeneration of laser based internal propulsion engineering is our earth-bound propulsion technology mission. The spacecraft would use our external based laser propulsion to other planets. Electric/magnetic bearings and clean laser powered drive- beams are the subject of our requested computer-based study for public education student interaction. “Impossible” is not acceptable in a country that has toured our universe with known technology. Any and all macro/micro applications of magnetic bearings, maglev technology, metallurgy, electromagnetic transfer, internal/external laser propulsion, etc. will be studied under our USA National Security interests. Objectively, peace is our intellectual objective while filling the intellectual vacuum caused when ceasing nuclear warhead production internationally. Farming incoming meteorites is our extended international application of this new technology.

This is a public notice of our Dept. of Education/NASA/Pentagon grant recipient request, for a NASA based, verified pre—programmed Aeronautical Engineering Computer, with Flight Probability Analysis.
cc “Flight Evolution”