We have developed a nautical K – Captain approach to introducing math with a Christian background and Captain’s license leadership outlook.

For God and Country welcome Aboard! This is our Great Circle Study.

Student Curriculum

       (Learning How to Tell Time)

      (By dividing a circle 6 times

             we find N., E., S., W.)

(Latitude and Longitude)

(Port and Starboard)

(All Aboard)

(Speed-Time-Distance Triangle)

(Walking Your Dividers)

Lesson 4

(coming soon)

(Advanced Navigation)


(Radar Plotting)

(Manual Radar Colision Avoidance)


(International Morse Code)

Our Two Boats School Project

Let us imagine designing a Peace Mission Concentric/Aircraft/Spacecraft in the likeness of our very own Milky Way Spiral Galaxy with all 8 major planets, for college credits, with Pluto nine planets, nine concentric housings. We started with a time lapse of our Earth completing a one solar year orbit around the Sun known as a macro observation. We are All onboard.That macro observation is transformed on paper by our “R&D” team; you included, into a circular type concentric passenger housing. All nine (9) concentric housings; passenger, engine room, research areas, contemporary fuel storage areas, etc. are surrounding a central flight control area or sunroom as a micro application of flight evolution. Remember: My drawings and patents are offered as a beginning, in leading students to create a better and more functional design to help their generations “Overcome Eternal War” and “Overcome Gobal Warming”.

In closing:

Kids need Peace Plans too. Our youth and we adults need Peace Plans.

 How can you help stop violence in our high schools, places of worship, malls, and highways here in the USA? Help get this Star Wars Peace Mission program on Flight Evolution into our Department of Education; federal, state, and local, NASA, and Pentagon.  Tell your local schools, Police Departments, Senators, Congressmen, and Congresswomen you want this program active. Tell President Joe Biden you want this program active and government supported. All classes; K- Captain, will connect to the same Aeronautical Engineering Computer with Flight Probability Analysis; pre-programmed and NASA verified. Every student’s stumbling block will be NASA confirmed as known technology or unknown technology.